ALTA Systems exists to teach, equip and champion the Technical Director.

We love Technical Directors.
We think they're awesome.

We believe Technical Directors are the glue that hold production teams together. They see the people behind the buttons, the human behind the camera. Technical Directors know that it’s the people, not equipment, that make productions excellent.

If it were up to us, we’d give all the technical directors in the world a bonus and a Hawaiian vacation. We couldn’t do that, so we did the next best thing. We started a company with a vision to teach, equip and champion Technical Directors everywhere.

We're systems integrators.

If you’ve never heard that term before, that’s ok. We integrate complex systems so they work together as one. Things like sound systems, LED video screens or stage lighting.

We value excellence, and strive for it in all things. We also value creativity, innovation and teamwork. We want to be the best company that our employees have ever worked for. We want happy clients who are equipped for success.

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We’re more than excited to work with organizations just like yours.