Amplify Worship Services With Advanced Church Stage Design & Superior Audio Visual Technology

We know the challenges and opportunities in church production because our founders worked as technical directors for multiple churches. Let’s collaborate on the perfect systems and strategy for your house of worship. 

These days, churches face new challenges related to reopening and providing church online.

However, the old challenges of creating an immersive experience for worship and teaching still remain. Great production will always attract people and keep them coming back–so that they can hear the good news.


With decades of experience working at the world’s largest churches (including Hillsong in Sydney, Australia), we’ll help you expand your influence and reach more people through superior technology.


Your vision is our vision, and we act like it. We offer a turn-key solution, from initial design, to installation, to ongoing support.


We value organic growth over the quick fix. We’re “vendor agnostic,” meaning we’ll always offer the right tool for the job, rather than something unnecessarily expensive.


Our experience in church production will lead to thoughtful collaboration--delivering the custom solution for your needs and leaving your staff better than we found them.

We also know that stewarding a production budget can be tough.

It always seems like there’s something broken, or an update is overdue, and new technologies are always on the horizon. We’ve seen every mistake in the book, and we will help you avoid them. 

We know how to reduce your risk of unexpected capital expenditure as well as your maintenance overhead–because we’ve done it for ourselves.

During our installs, we invite your team to work alongside ours. They’ll grow in their technical skillset and gain an understanding of how your new gear and systems work, making them more effective.

Are you looking for a phenomenal-sounding PA system or a new camera with crystal clear picture? Do you want to know more about the hype surrounding LED screens? What about live streaming systems that eliminate buffering and dropouts? We can show you how other churches are using relevant church stage designs to attract millennials and gen-z.

Would you be interested to know how we can automate parts of your venue to reduce overtime and part-time staff expenditure? 

Schedule a quick call with us to learn more.